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We are dedicated to the businesses we serve.

Business communications is about bringing people together. It’s about streamlining the ever-growing number of communications options and simplifying the way they are delivered.

Intermax Voice can get you there.

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A Long History of Growth & Success

Intermax Networks Founded

Intermax is founded in Sandpoint as entrepreneurial startup to provide broadband internet to customers in Bonner County using unlicensed fixed wireless technology.


Intermax Voice Services Introduced

Intermax begins offering VOIP services as a product line for internet bandwidth customers.


Intermax Acquires TCI

Intermax purchases TCI (Thompson Communications) to expand provision of Voice services and grow a new and complementary product line.  Adds approximately 1,500 customers of TCI to the client base.


Intermax Aquires TNT Communications

Intermax purchases TNT Communications out of Sandpoint, locally owned and operated telecommunications company.  Approximately 500 voice customers added to the company’s client base.


Intermax Acquires Tel-West Communications

Intermax purchases Tel-West Communications out of Spokane, adding an office in the Spokane Valley with experienced salespeople and technical talent.


Intermax Voice Today

Intermax stands at 82 employees and nearly 5,200 ISP customers; 1,500 business voice customers; and 150 IT Managed Services customers.


Our Investment

As we continue to expand into new areas, we never forget how we got here: honest work, dedication to our customers, diversification, and relentless searching for improvement opportunities. That’s the only way to remain the ultimate provider of internet and telecommunications technologies.


To deliver the most reliable, highest quality, internet, voice, and IT managed services while providing an exceptional customer experience for our clients and customers.


We believe that every business, no matter the location or size, should have access to high-performing, dependable internet, phone, voice, IT services, and cloud storage.


Intermax will go to any length, and do whatever it takes, to make sure you have an exceptional customer experience and are completely satisfied with your Intermax service.


Intermax believes in supporting and investing locally. We’re proud to give back to area schools, organizations and community initiatives that align with our commitment to making north Idaho a great place to live, work and do business.

Meet our experts

We’re dedicated employees, innovative engineers and knowledgeable customer support crew all focused on providing high-performing, dependable service. It is our team that makes that makes the difference.

Kristi Emerson

Installation Project Manager

Kristi brings decades of experience in the telecommunications field and is passionate about forming relationships with the people of the businesses she supports.

Karan Cummings

Installation Project Manager

Karan brings 30 years of telecommunications experience to the Voice team and prioritizes the experience of the customer above all. Fun fact: In 6th grade Karan persuaded her parents to drop the second "n" from her name when she uncovered documents with it misspelled.

Jill Fesler

Installation Project Manager

Since 2020 Jill jumped right in helping the team streamline processes and support customers with a positive and passionate attitude. Fun fact: In her free time she enjoys the great North Idaho outdoors and being a Grandma!